Monday, 16 March 2015

Bolt Action Season 5

Here are the rules for season:

Armies to be chosen from Late theater lists. (1944-45)
Army may not exceed 1000pts
No more than 12 units.
No tank companies.

Playing Games:

      Players can play as many opponents as they wish within the two month period, though no player may play same opponent twice. Missions are to be randomly rolled for, but try not repeat missions twice unless other both players have played all available missions


Win: 3pts
Draw: 1pt
Loss: 0pts

Bonus points (these are applied once at the end of the event):

Fully Painted Army: 3pts
Objective Markers (Max 2. No bigger than 6"x6", no smaller than 2"x2"): 2pts per marker
Scenery Pieces (Max 2, no bigger than 12"x12", no smaller than 4"x4"): 2pts per piece

Happy gaming!

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